About Springs Pilates Studio





We face to customers individually and carefully as considering with your life style after 10years and ahead.

Focusing on Pilates and GYROTONIC®, our experienced instructors are confronted with a customer individually and get your fullest potential. Please feel free to talk to us about your personal goals and how you would like to be or how you would like to move now , in one year and in 10years and more. We believe our studio is alive space which is full of energy. Here is the place that your hope springs. Why don't you come to such studio once? Let's take a first step to change to be better with us!



Pilates and GYROTONIC®,Good control allows you to move more efficiently

Our approach is based on Pilates and GYROTONIC®, We use specialized unique machines for each exercise in order to encourage your primary goal. Ensure conditioning our total body by elongating spine and strengthening inner muscle. As a result, you will be able to control your whole body, reduce the risk of overuse the joints and derive efficient movement.
We also have various fields of expertise, not only Pilates and GYROTONIC® but also Ballet, Yoga, Franklin method, and other techniques. Five of our eight instructors are physiotherapists, and all of our teachers are certified Pilates and GYROTONIC®trainers. we can provide effective lessons that are tailored for each individual's needs.



Let’s get started!

We offer two types of lessons. You can pick either a private or a group lessons for your trial. Please decide which lesson you would like to take before you make your reservation.

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    Feel free to talk to us if you are not sure which lesson you would like to try. If You have any injuries or other physical concern’s, please contact us so that we can make the proper adjustments.

    Please contact us to make your reservation.For further inquiry
    Contact Us
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    Please bring your fitness wear with you, as well as anything else that you would like to bring with you for the workout.(Shoes are not needed). Towels and bottled water are highly recommend.

    We have dressing rooms in the studio.
    Please arrive 15minites before your lesson starts.
    We will ask you to fIll in our counseling sheet to accommodate your needs on the day of the trial. Please let us know your current condition by filling the sheet.
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    After you become a member, you can reserve next lesson on our website. You can continue without becoming membership, but members can buy reasonable point card.

    Don't worry about anything since we will start with checking your posture and your motion. After that, we move forward to increase your mobility, step by step.


All listed prices are including tax(10%)

Customers using for the first time can take lessons at trial fee.
The trial lesson can be used only once per person.

Group trial lesson 

Private trial lesson 

If you wish to continue from the trial lesson,
you will be required to pay the admission fee. Annual fee is free.

Entry fee is 8,800 yen
Annual fee is free.

Instructor Trial Members Point Visitor
Top Instructor 9,350 yen 10,450 yen 19P 11,550 yen
Senior Instructor A 8,250 yen 9,350 yen 17P 10,450 yen
Senior Instructor B 7,700 yen 8,800 yen 16P 9,900 yen
Semi-private (for 2 people) 12,100 yen 13,200 yen 24P 15,400 yen
Lesson Trial Members Point Visitor
Reformer 4,950 yen 4,950 yen 9P 5,500 yen
Mat,etc. 3,850 yen 3,850 yen 7P 4,400 yen
  • You can take a trial lesson only once as either a Private or Group class.
  • You can take our lessons at visitor’s rate without membership.
  • After you become a member, you can pay for each lesson or buy a point card in advance at a discounted prices.
  • The prices for a 90minute-lesson is 1.5times the 60minute-lesson rate.
  • For a Semi-private lesson with top instructor will cost an additional 1,100 yen.
  • As a benefit of membership, up to 2 family members may take lessons without paying an additional entrance fee.
Point Price Expiration Date Price Per Point
96P(6P free) 49,500 yen 4 months 515 yen
48P(2P free) 25,300 yen 4 months 527 yen
  • You can buy a point card after you become a member.
  • A point card can be used for all types of lessons.
  • In case you don’t have enough points, you can pay the difference.
  • We can’t provide a refund if the card expires. However, the expiration date for the old card will be extended with the purchase of a new card.
  • If the expiration date has passed, it is possible to use the card at visitor prices.

Cancellation after 20:00 on the day before the lesson will be charged 100% of the fee.